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Preventing common short-term rental neighbor complaints

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2024 | Airbnb

When you own a short-term rental in Pennsylvania, you may find that one of your main struggles is dealing with the neighbors who live near your rental. When possible, it’s best to try and establish a friendly relationship with those neighbors. Not only will that make them less likely to complain about minor issues, but it can also allow them to feel comfortable enough to contact you if they believe something is amiss at your property.

Open communication

If you know the neighbors around your rental property, you may want to let them know of your intentions before you begin taking in short-term renters. If the neighbors are aware of what’s going on, they may not bother you with questions or concerns about unfamiliar vehicles and people being on the property. Be sure they know that you would appreciate them contacting you in case of an issue, and give them your contact information so you’re easy to reach.

Present your property as an asset to the neighborhood by giving your neighbors the option to use the rental on occasion if they need to host friends or family. Being able to communicate freely with the neighbors near your rental will ensure that they come to you with any problems before contacting outside authorities. This can help you resolve problems before they become legal concerns.

Set boundaries

Let your neighbors know that you plan on keeping your property clean, safe and secure. Establish and enforce rules for your renters that prevent them from becoming a neighborhood nuisance. This includes noise prevention tactics. Set quiet hours and be sure to include those hours in your rental contract posted in a prevalent place inside the rental. Be prepared to call or visit your renters if you receive a noise complaint from the neighbors.

Parking is another concern for those who live near short-term rentals. Your renters should be aware of where they may park, and you should include this information in your contract. Also, inform renters of how trash disposal works in the neighborhood, and be sure to stock the house with what they need to dispose of waste before they check out of your rental.

You may need legal advice

If you find yourself at odds with the neighbors who live near your rental property, it may be wise to seek legal advice. Pennsylvania’s laws for short-term rentals can vary from one area to another, so you must be aware of those laws to be sure your rental is legal. You can find answers to any questions you have about the short-term rental process from someone knowledgeable of the state’s real estate laws.