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Stroudsburg Probate Administration Lawyer

For most families, probate of a loved one’s estate is typically either a relatively short and pain-free process, or a protracted, expensive and emotionally draining experience.

What makes the difference? The size and complexity of your loved one’s estate certainly plays a role in determining how involved the probate process will be. Equally important, though, is your lawyer’s ability to swiftly guide you and your family through the legal requirements, anticipate and prevent problems, and quickly address issues that do arise. Experience in the probate court is the only way to know how to best help families, and our attorney, Joseph McDonald, has precisely this experience. During a difficult time, your family deserves experienced and compassionate legal help, and our firm is here to provide it.

Our attorney has served as a court-appointed administrator in complex estates, has worked extensively with heirs out of state and out of country, and otherwise knows the nuance of probate law. We can put our experience to use for you.

Simplifying Probate In Pennsylvania So Your Family Can Rest Easy

The probate process can be broken down into several key steps. These include:

  • Submitting a will, if one exists, into probate for validation: A will can make the probate process easier overall, but it is necessary to submit it to the probate court so it can be verified. We can assist in locating wills and other estate planning documents, and helping executors in carrying out their duties.
  • Identifying estate beneficiaries and creditors: Part of the probate process includes identifying estate debts and notifying creditors so they have an opportunity to seek repayment. Estate beneficiaries will also need to be located and notified. We have experience finding creditors and beneficiaries, especially ones who may live out of the region.
  • Distributing estate assets: Once eligible creditors have been repaid and beneficiaries have been located, the estate must distribute assets to the beneficiaries. We help estate administrators carry out this essential task.
  • Complying with court rules and paying fees: Like any legal process, specific rules must be followed and fees paid. We make sure our clients follow all requirements so that the probate process can be wound down as quickly as possible and with minimal risk of delay.

During this sensitive time, clarity and transparency matter more than ever. We make sure our clients understand every aspect of the probate process, and have the information they need to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements that can hurt families during a difficult time.

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