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How simple — or complex — your estate plan becomes is a function of not just your property and other assets, but the particular way you want your affairs handled when the time comes. No matter what your circumstances are, however, your estate plan should answer one vital question: “How do I make sure that my family, friends and other loved ones are provided for after I’m gone?”

There are few more personal issues you can discuss with your lawyer, which is why it’s so important that you feel comfortable as you prepare your estate plan. At our firm, we have two main goals when handling any estate planning case: provide sound legal advice, and do so in a reassuring, personalized manner that eliminates stress and promotes peace of mind. After all, isn’t peace of mind why you’re creating an estate plan in the first place?

Learn More About Wills And Trusts In Pennsylvania

Most people who think of estate plans think of wills. For many individuals, a will is the main document that gives guidance to family members and the probate court on how their assets should be distributed following death. A will names an executor, or someone who is responsible for carrying out the terms of the will. Once any debts owed by the individual are paid to creditors, the remaining assets will be distributed to named beneficiaries.

Having a valid will in place means not leaving your family scrambling to find all of your belongings … and not leaving control over distribution of your assets in the hands of the probate court. We ensure that the wills we draft are comprehensive, legally sound and, most importantly, reflect our clients’ wishes.

As part of our consultative, client-focused approach, we will also evaluate whether your estate can benefit from one or more trusts. Trusts are distinct legal documents that dictate how specific assets are to be handled not just after death, but in many cases during your lifetime as well.

Trusts can be used to accomplish specific goals, such as charitable giving, and to provide financial assistance to loved ones with special needs. Many trusts, when used correctly, can also be used to minimize tax liability — a significant benefit for both you and your family. We will carefully assess your assets and planning goals to determine whether one or more trusts are right for you.

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In estate planning more than most areas of the law, the sooner you get experienced legal help, the better. Learn how attorney Joseph McDonald can help you achieve your personal and financial goals in a private consultation: Call our Stroudsburg office at 570-664-7125, toll free 800-646-9739, or send an email.