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Land Use And Zoning Lawyer

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Anyone who has ever embarked on a real estate venture — whether it’s building a new home, making substantial changes to an existing house, entering into the short-term vacation rental market or starting a new business — knows that the process is fraught with legal complexity. One of the most challenging areas for any residential or commercial real estate client is also one of the most critical: land use and zoning.

In this area of real estate law, knowing the underlying regulations simply isn’t enough. In fact, the most effective lawyers have an in-depth understanding of government bureaucracy and the intricacies of the permitting process itself. Only with this real-world experience can a lawyer successfully help a client when land use and zoning issues present a challenge to a real estate project.

Firsthand Experience In Pennsylvania Land Use Issues

What makes our firm unique? Prior to earning his law degree, our attorney, Joseph McDonald, gained valuable insight administering local land use laws with direct impact on property rights. He learned from practical experience the limits of government authority and the due process rights of land owners.

Now, in private practice, he offers his informed counsel to guide both residential and commercial clients through what can be one of the most frustrating components of executing a project. Our firm helps people through the initial permit application process, whether they are for routine approvals or zoning variances. We also represent clients before zoning boards of appeals to help bring their projects to fruition when bureaucracy initially gets in the way.

In this area of the law, you can’t afford to be reactive. That’s why we take a proactive approach, carefully examining every aspect of our clients’ projects to identify potential roadblocks and pitfalls, then developing a strategy to prevent actual problems from arising at all costs. We are happy to consult with clients about decisions such as whether to buy a specific property with the intent to use it as a short-term vacation rental or what the zoning implications might be for a new development in a specific location.

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An experienced land use and zoning lawyer can streamline the approvals process for your project, no matter where you are along the way. Schedule a consultation by calling our Stroudsburg office at 570-664-7125, toll free 800-646-9739. You can also send an email.