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Commercial Transactions And Litigation Lawyer

What distinguishes a successful business — especially in today’s competitive economy — is an ability to handle routine issues with swiftness and certainty, and to approach legal disputes strategically and with a commitment to pursue creative tactics to prevail in litigation.

With the many responsibilities that business owners have, attending to the many day-to-day legal responsibilities can seem an overwhelming burden. That’s where our firm comes in. We handle a wide range of transactional and dispute-related issues for businesses throughout the Poconos. For any business to succeed, simple matters must be settled swiftly, complex disputes must be resolved successfully and all matters must be handled carefully. This is the legal counsel we provide to help Pennsylvania’s businesses succeed.

Our Approach: Resolve Matters Quickly Without Compromising Outcomes

Businesses face a barrage of legal issues every single day — and our firm is equipped to provide the counsel necessary to confront them all with confidence. We help businesses with:

  • Negotiation, drafting and execution of business contracts
  • Employment contracts and other labor-related matters
  • Commercial real estate transactions, including purchases, sales and leases

While our legal counsel is designed to minimize if not eliminate altogether the potential for disagreements, we also recognize that it is sometimes impossible to avoid legal disputes. Whether our clients are involved in business-to-business disputes, disagreements with landlords or have an employment-related matter, we provide the comprehensive, aggressive counsel necessary to keep a legal dispute from affecting a client’s bottom line.

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Whether you need legal advice before entering into a contract or legal help to resolve a dispute in your favor, we encourage you to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. To speak with attorney Joseph McDonald, call our Stroudsburg firm at 570-664-7125, toll free 800-646-9739 or send an email.