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Small-Business Tax Planning Attorney

The Counsel You Need To Identify Potential Tax Issues

Taxes are an unwelcome but necessary part of owning a business. As a small-business owner in Pennsylvania, setting yourself up for success through strategic tax planning and avoiding common tax pitfalls are especially important.

Attorney Joseph P. McDonald takes a proactive approach to help small businesses in the Poconos identify the resources needed to resolve common tax-related problems. During his years as a lawyer, he has served as a liaison between business owners and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Because even common tax issues can be confusing if not overwhelming for any business owner, we can decipher the legalese and identify what steps need to be taken to avoid possibly substantial tax penalties.

As a business owner, you can’t afford to become distracted from your day-to-day obligations. We can serve as your representative with the IRS, handling correspondence and providing counsel on what specific tax advice you may require in a given situation.

We offer additional services that can help you minimize your tax liability as a business owner. The proper business entity selection can mean not facing crippling personal liability in the event that creditors go after your business. In addition, careful estate planning and the use of targeted trusts can also protect personal assets from business debts. As part of our legal counsel, we look for every opportunity to give your business a financial leg up, and direct you to the proper tax representation for the resolution of any tax controversies.

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