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Business Tax Issues Lawyer

Proactive Counsel To Put Your Business On The Path To Success

Effective tax planning begins long before you open the doors on the first day of business.

In our business law practice, attorney Joseph P. McDonald and our legal team work with business owners from throughout the Poconos to minimize their businesses’ tax burdens. Specifically, we work with new business owners to select the optimal corporate structure based on the type of business and need to avoid potential personal liability. Our counsel also crosses over into the area of estate planning: By using specific tools designed to shield personal assets from business liabilities, we help our Pennsylvania clients protect more of their personal wealth as they seek success in the business world.

Dynamic Counsel To Effectively Respond To Tax Controversies

While no one looks forward to correspondence from the IRS, learning that your business is at the center of a tax controversy is sure to be unwelcome.

We can immediately begin at least reducing the logistical burden on you by assuming responsibility for communications with the IRS. By naming our firm as your agent, you can return to your most important work — running your business — knowing that your tax-related affairs are being handled.

The IRS works in a language all its own. By having an experienced lawyer as your liaison with the IRS, you will substantially reduce the risk of making a costly mistake by attempting to handle your tax controversy alone.

Our firm will determine the tax-related legal issues affecting your business. Drawing from a regional network of tax experts, we can then direct you to the specific resources you need to avert an outcome that could cripple your business.

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You don’t have to live in fear of the IRS and what a tax dispute means for your business. Contact our firm and together we can figure out a way forward. Email us now or call our Stroudsburg office at 570-664-7125, toll free 800-646-9739.