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Prepare your home to list as an Airbnb property

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2023 | Airbnb

Owning short-term rental property can be a lucrative endeavor and allow you to earn passive income. This income can be an important financial resource for your family, and in order to be successful, you will need to take the time to prepare the property well. Getting your home or a residential property ready to list as an Airbnb in a thoughtful way can help you get prepared to move forward and give you a higher chance of success. 

There are also important legal and financial considerations as you prepare to list a property as a short-term rental. Before you proceed with this step, it will be beneficial for you to understand these issues and ensure that your interests are secure. Your preparation will be key to succeeding on this platform and keeping your renters happy. 

Simple steps to get ready 

As soon as you know that you want to list your home as a short-term rental, you can take steps to get the property ready to list on Airbnb and other rental platforms. The extent to which you need to prepare the home depends on things such as the size of the home, the frequency with which you expect to have guests and more. Some of the simple things you can do to get ready include: 

  • Clean the home thoroughly, and make sure that there are no hazards that could harm guests. 
  • Remove all the personal items that are in the home, such as photos of your children on the walls. 
  • Take care of any repairs that are necessary and make sure that you add any necessary safety features. 
  • Add curb appeal to the home through shrubs, fresh exterior paint, landscaping and a fresh mow of the lawn. 
  • Provide the essential things that a guest may need to cook a meal in the home, including pots, pans, plates, utensils and more. 
  • Make sure that all the appliances in your home are working properly, including the coffee maker and stove. 

As you prepare the home for guests, also take the time to make sure that your Pennsylvania home has a zoning designation that allows short-term rentals. You may benefit from ensuring that your insurance policy covers your home when it’s rented, as well as understanding the other legal requirements you may have to meet. If you are uncertain, it may be helpful to discuss your needs with an experienced professional.