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Estate Planning And Administration

Planning for how your affairs will be handled when you die is an important aspect of financial planning. When a loved one has died, going through the process of dealing with their affairs is something you may be asked to do. In either situation, the law office of Joseph P. McDonald Jr., Esq., P.C., can help. We represent clients throughout Monroe County, Pennsylvania and beyond.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is for everyone. It is a way to plan ahead and make important decisions about how your financial and health care issues will be handled upon your death. By creating estate planning documents that fit you and your family, you can retain control and achieve peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of according to your wishes.

Monroe County estate planning lawyer Joseph McDonald Jr. has experience with the following types of estate planning tools:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Durable powers of attorney

Our clients include people of all ages and backgrounds, from individuals and young couples, to middle-aged people and the elderly. Most clients do not need extremely complicated estate plans. For those that have special circumstances, if we cannot assist them, we are always prepared to recommend trust specialists who can.

Estate Administration

The estate administration process involves dealing with a person’s property and debts after he or she dies. We work on behalf of executors and administrators who are chosen to fulfill these obligations for a relative or close friend.

There are many complex laws and requirements involved with the estate administration process. We help shield our clients from potential personal liability by walking them through the necessary steps and ensuring they execute their duties according to the law.

Many clients feel the administration task is daunting and overwhelming. Through our guidance, clients recognize they are capable of the task. We explain the process and ease their apprehension and worries, especially about legal fees involved. We also handle resident decedent tax issues, for Pennsylvania estates owned by out-of-state residents.

In addition, we represent beneficiaries of estates who are concerned that the administration is not being handled properly. We review all the public records and take steps necessary to determine whether there is in fact any wrongdoing. If necessary we litigate in order to protect our clients’ interests.

Northeastern Pennsylvania Estate Administration Lawyer | Joseph P. McDonald Jr., Esq., P.C.

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