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Safety tips for making your home a vacation rental

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Firm News

Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway – short-term vacation rentals are booming. Listing your house or apartment on one of these apps can be a great way to get extra income. Letting people into your home can be a little nerve-wracking, though.

Before you start renting, it’s best to consider how you will keep your home safe when you begin inviting guests. Here are a few safety tips you may want to use:

Choose guests wisely – One of the most important things you will do when renting your home is choosing guests. While there is a limited amount of information that you will have about potential guests, there are a few things you can look for. Check their profile for verifications, like on their phone number and social media, and references from other hosts. Above all, though, trust your gut. If a reservation doesn’t feel right, don’t take it.

Set requirements – Many brokering apps, like Airbnb, allow you to set requirements for guests. They may need to have certain verifications, like an ID. You can also require a security deposit in case there is an accident.

Make the ground rules known – Being a good host means setting reasonable expectations for your guests. In your listing, include your house rules, like no more than 5 people or music off after midnight. Then, have a house manual with all the information and rules available for your guests in the home.

Get a keypad lock – Your guests may lose physical keys, so it’s smart to invest in a keypad lock. That way, you can also, change the code when guests check out.

Have safety procedures in place – Make sure that your home is not only safe for yourself, but also for your guests. Compile a list of all essential contact and emergency information they may need. Make sure you have a first aid kit that’s easily accessible and working fire alarms.

Install locks – It’s perfectly reasonable for you to protect your personal belongings. Get a lock for a closet or small room in your home to have a place to put your valuables when you leave the home. If you’re staying in the house with your guests, always have a lock on your bedroom.

Renting your home to vacationers can be a great way to make a little extra money, but you must be smart about it. Taking a little extra precaution can be the difference between an amazing experience and a not so great one.