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Can I rent a room on Airbnb in a home I rent?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2024 | Airbnb

It depends. You must first look at your lease agreement to see if a clause addresses subletting or renting out the property to someone other than yourself without your landlord’s permission.

If your lease explicitly prohibits subletting or short-term renting of the property you rent from them, doing so can have serious consequences, and you could get in trouble with the law.


Speak with your landlord and explain what you are trying to do. Let them know guests will respect the property and that you will be responsible for any damage a guest causes to the property.

If your landlord grants your request, ensure it is in writing. This will protect you in case there is a problem later on, and there is a question about whether you had permission to sublet or rent out a room short-term.

Local laws and regulations

Besides your landlord’s permission, you must read your state and local laws regarding short-term rentals. In Pennsylvania, cities and municipalities regulate Airbnb rentals, and the regulations vary. For example, in Philadelphia, renters must have a license and comply with zoning regulations before renting.

Insurance issues

It is essential to keep in mind that most renter’s insurance does not cover short-term rental activities. For this purpose, if you rent a room out in your house, ensure you set money aside every time someone stays so you can pay for any issues resulting from guests staying on the property.

Renting out a room on your property can seem very lucrative, and many people find it appealing. However, when renting from someone else, you are responsible for the property and have to answer to the landlord because it is their property.

It is a different situation if you rent out a room in a house or condominium that you own and that belongs to only you. It is always wise to discuss these kinds of matters with an attorney to ensure you are renting out your place properly and not missing any important steps.